In Your Face! – the smart mirror

Interactive user experience created for the science center Universeum in Gothenburg, Sweden, that showcased face recognition and Internet of Things devices, by letting the users control lights and sound with their facial expressions. The goal, set by the client, was to raise interest in new technology amongst teenage girls.

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ux-design coding group

Website I have created from scratch on my own, which has become the biggest site of its kind. A database of racing events from all around the world, relying on contributions by its users, created to make it easier for racing fans to find races to attend. Starting in 2014 and still ongoing, it is the by far largest project I have ever worked on.

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ui-design coding independent

These Lyrics!

Web based social music quiz game I have created, where users can setup own custom rounds to play in real life with their friends. It is played with a computer connected to a big screen (e.g. a TV) for the game and with the creator of the round as presenter. Players are divided into two teams and interact by talking to each other and the presenter, who controls the system.

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ux-design ui-design coding independent

Playful Renting

User interface design of a smartphone application for a fictional renting company, done as an assignment in a mobile designing course at Chalmers University of Technology. The main task was to design in line with Google's Material Design guidelines for Android applications and make clever design choices based on requirements from the client. The project resulted in a screen-based prototype using Adobe XD.

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ui-design independent

Educational AR game for children

Educational game using AR for children aged 8 to 12, with a goal to make children more physically active. The focus of the project was to understand how children differ from adults as users and how we as designers can involve children in a design process. This was investigated by planning and executing three different workshops for the target group. The project resulted in a basic screen-based prototype.

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ux-design group